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Living in the city of Atlanta and also having a passion for the great outdoors, I'm particularly interested in exploring the relationship between urban environments and nature, and how those two worlds are intertwined. When it comes to the artistic process for my abstract work, I have to detach myself from my traditional approach, which is anchored more in realism. I use this is an opportunity to let loose and be free, oftentimes using my bare hands, spraying, splattering, smearing and many other unconventional methods. I try to incorporate both industrial elements like hard, linear shapes, found materials and typography along with loose, gestural, or organic elements to create expressionistic compositions. Its part art making, part science experiment, where I often mix various mediums together just to see how they react with one another. My ultimate goal is to create a balance of both worlds in a unique and visually striking way, while also just having fun and enjoying the process.


Original artwork for sale

Recently sold artwork

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