Below is a smattering of my favorite paintings and illustrations over the past 12-ish years. My style has definitely evolved quite a bit over the years as I have dabbled in a range of subject matters and experimented in a variety of materials, tools and techniques. Although there have definitely been some outliers, I have categorized my work into mainly 5 different basic themes. Take a look; I would love to hear from you if you have any questions!

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I try to capture the essence of humanity with paint. The human body is a remarkable thing, and I am fascinated by  all of the unique features, tiny eccentricities and beautiful flaws that make us each individual while simultaneously all the same.

Dance in Color
"Uncle B"
"Wild Bill Rock n' Roll"
"Cool Kelvin from the Coast"
"The Lovely Denice"
"The Stranger on the Bypass"
“People Call Me Rick”
"The Straight and Narrow"
“The Unicorn”
"Peace and Coffee”
"Stop and Pose"
"Keith and Cheryl"
"Father and Daughter"
"The Twisted Mind of Handsome Ben"
"Delta Spirit"
"From Adam's View"


I've been captivated by animals for as long as I can remember. As a kid I used to catch rolly-polies and put them in my pockets, I kept countless frogs, snakes, turtles and lizards as pets (God bless my poor mother) and I would just watch them for hours. Nowadays the only pets I have are two big, very spoiled dogs, but I still have that same child-like wonder and curiosity with all animals. I feel like I have a close bond with them, I'm fascinated about their physical features, behaviors and habitats and how we all coexist on the planet together. So I thoroughly enjoy drawing and painting them, both as portraiture as well as symbolic representations to show my utmost respect and appreciation to our four-legged, furry, feathered, gilled and scaly friends. 

"At All Cost"
"Sugar Rush"
"Book Owl | Night Worm"
"Early Fox Catches a Buzz"
"Curb Alert!"
A.D.D. (A Discombobulated Discipline)
The Daily Grind
"Mister Sunny-side Up"
"American Honey"
"Balancing Act"
"Focus In Reality"
"Steady Now"
"Bird of Prey"
"Forward Fred"
"The Beu"
"Good Girl"
"Dixie Chicken"
"Slow and Steady"
"It's Only My Imagination"
"Louisiana Bird"


Food is a new subject matter that I am beginning to explore more deeply. Food has been a very important part of my life, both personally and professionally, and I love the way we can bond over a good meal as well as being a vessel to connect and learn about different cultures around the world. 

"The Devil's in the Details"
Art Club


I have been influenced by many different types of art and artists through the years, dabbling in various mediums and materials along the way. As a result I became interested in ways to explore how different materials interacted together, and then juxtaposing different styles and subject matters into single compositions that I call "Mash-ups". Using various elements and applications, it's been an interesting way to tell deeper, more meaningful stories while experimenting with different compositions, materials and themes. 

Time Flies
The Bistro
The Mother Church
Nice Night for a Stroll
Harmony of Events
The Delta
The Chase
Come Waste Your Time With Me
The Soft Parade

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Alphabet Series

My Animal Alphabet series is my newest project in the works. I started with spelling out my son's name and I have been working through every letter since, slowly but surely. Besides the actual letters themselves (which is the typeface Eina 01, for anyone who is curious), everything is hand-drawn with a stylus on a tablet. Every element in each piece starts with the corresponding letter, even down to the name of the color of the letter itself. These are available as prints in various sizes in both paper and canvas and can be used to spell out words, names or initials, or can just stand alone independently. Prints are available here, and I will continue to add new letters as they are completed.

Aliucious the Aardvark
Bernie the Bullfrog
Clyde the Crocodile
Eleanor the Elephant
Laverne the Llama
Ned the Narwhal
Maurice the Marmoset
Ophelia the Otter
Rosco the Raccoon
Susan the Sloth
Tobias the Tortoise
Wayne the Walrus

More coming soon!

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