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I've always been a realistic illustrator and painter, so I tend to gravitate toward some element of realism in my work, but the pendulum can also tend to swing in the directions of surrealism and pop art as well. While oil on wood panel is my preference when working on fine detail, I also enjoy being very loose and gestural as a way to be more expressive, and like dabbling with spray paint, big and loose strokes with acrylics, smears and splatters with a palette knife and experimenting on non-traditional surfaces. In addition, I also explore a lot of graphical and typographical treatments, having spent many years in the advertising and commercial art world. Oftentimes a juxtaposition of several of these applications show up in my work. And over the past couple of years I have also found myself tapping into many more digital applications as an additional outlet.

Recently I have narrowed my work down to primarily three subject matters: People, animals and food. I also have a series that I call Mash-ups, which is basically just a collaged grouping of different elements compiled into single compositions around one central theme, but usually the theme centers around one of these subject matters. 







Collage and Eclectic



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