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I have been artistic as long as I can remember, but I really didn't start PAINTING until I was in my early twenties. And even though it's almost 17-ish years in, I still consider this one giant art experiment, learning and evolving as I go, and I hope I always have that spark and curiosity about learning and growing as a painter.

I've always been more of a realistic illustrator and painter, and I still I tend to gravitate more toward some element of realism in my work,  but I also enjoy being very loose and gestural as a way to be more expressive. And having spent many of my adult years in the advertising and commercial art world, I have used of a lot of graphical and typographical elements as well.

Oil on wood panel is my preferred method for detailed brush work and fine detail, but I also like dabbling with stenciling and spray paint, big and loose strokes with acrylics, smears and splatters with a palette knife, and painting on found objects. Often times a juxtaposition of several of these applications show up  in my work.

Over the years I have narrowed my paintings down into three main subject matters: People, animals and food, but then I also have a series that I all Mash-ups, which is just a juxtaposition of a lot of different subject matters complied into one composition around one central theme. 

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