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While I love the tangible qualities of pens, pencils and more traditional materials, I also use digital applications as well. Over the past couple of years I have starting using an iPad for illustration, which has been a really cool new medium to explore. I treat the process exactly the same as I would a traditional painting, by starting out with a loose line sketch and then layering in color on top, getting more and more detailed with every layer. So instead of using paint on canvas its a screen and pixels, but there's no prep, and zero mess to clean up so artwork can be created much more quickly and efficiently.


My Animal Alphabet series is my newest project  in the works. I started with spelling out my son's name and I have working through every letter since, slowly but surely. Besides the actual letters themselves (which is the typeface Eina 01 for anyone who is curious), everything is hand-drawn with a stylus on a tablet. Every element in each piece starts with the corresponding letter, even down to the name of the color of the letter itself. Every letter includes at least one animal, one type of flower or plant, one kind of food, and whatever else I can fit and/or hide in there. More often than not each element is some kind of symbolic representation that is meaningful to me.

These are available as prints in various sizes in both paper and canvas and can be used to spell out words, names or initials, or can just stand alone independently. 

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