I've been captivated by animals for as long as I can remember. As a young kid I used to catch roly polys and put them in my pockets, loved driving past the chicken farm on the way to school every day, and kept frogs, snakes and lizards as pets. Nowadays I just have two dogs, but I still have that same child-like wonder when study animals, so I thoroughly enjoy painting them, both as portraiture as well as symbolic representations. Below are some of my favorite four-legged and winged friends I've made over the years.

"The Daily Grind"
"Mister Sunny-side Up"
"American Honey"
"Balancing Act"
"Focus In Reality"
"Steady Now"
"Bird of Prey"
"Forward Fred"
"The Beu"
"Good Girl"
"Dixie Chicken"
"Slow and Steady"
"It's Only My Imagination"
"Louisiana Bird"